Springshot | Springshot and COST AVIATION Form Strategic Partnership to Elevate Employee Satisfaction and Streamline Operations
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Springshot and COST AVIATION Form Strategic Partnership to Elevate Employee Satisfaction and Streamline Operations

Leaders in respective markets join forces to offer customers and broader portfolio of solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and STUTTGART, GERMANY – April 27, 2017 – Springshot, the leading workforce optimization and empowerment platform for the travel industry, and COST AVIATION (CA), a Stuttgart, Germany-based aviation consulting company known for its resource efficiency and operational excellence, today announced a European strategic partnership that will broaden the reach and capabilities of both organizations.

The Springshot cloud-based platform offers real-time visibility and transparency into mobile team operations while motivating and empowering employees by giving them the tools and resources necessary to ensure success. The combination of Springshot’s platform and COST AVIATION’s longstanding expertise in performance and efficiency made this a mutually beneficial partnership. With a range of complimentary offerings, Springshot and COST AVIATION can deliver unique solutions around resourcing, efficiency, and motivation. Now, both entities can take operations to the next level by placing the focus squarely on employee satisfaction.

The first phase of the partnership will implement Springshot technology in COST AVIATION’s headquarters at the Stuttgart Airport. COST AVIATION will be using the Springshot platform to optimize baggage handling operations through a series of digital checklists to ensure quality control on the ground level. In addition, these digital checklists will be integrated into the COST AVIATION Airport Business Game, a virtual gamification of airport operations that allows organizations to identify issues and insights in order to enact process controls in a real-life environment.

As part of the partnership, COST AVIATION will become Springshot’s sales partner, extending the Springshot reach to include COST AVIATION’s strong, Europe-based network.

“We look forward to deploying the latest in mobile solutions into our operational procedures, and Springshot was the best fit to accomplish this goal. Springshot will allow us to replace pen and paper methods and create structure around processes, all while cultivating employee satisfaction,” said Wolfang Müller, CEO at COST AVIATION. “Any of these are incredibly valuable to any organization faced with complex operations and mobile teams, but the emphasis on employees made it obvious that Springshot was the partner of choice for COST AVIATION.”

“It was clear from the beginning that COST AVIATION shared our mission to improve operations while empowering workers who are on the front line every single day,” said Doug Kreuzkamp, CEO at Springshot. “This partnership was a natural fit given the breadth and depth of COST AVIATION’s European network and the benefits that Springshot can bring to the Stuttgart team.”

About Springshot

Springshot is a workforce optimization and empowerment company dedicated to improving the lives of mobile teams everywhere. The Company’s cloud-based platform bridges the digital divide between complex backend systems and the men and women working on the front-line in the world’s most dynamic operations.  Springshot enables employees and organizations to gain real-time visibility and insights to streamline operational processes and validate employee efforts and accomplishments. By elevating worker engagement in task-based positions, the Company empowers organizations to cultivate more efficient, collaborative work environments where both employees and customers win. Find news and information at www.springshot.com. Follow on Twitter @springshot_com.


COST AVIATION stands for a unique, integrated consulting approach to aviation business combining the experts and experience of Stuttgart Airport – known for an excellent performance and high quality standard – with a strong network of cooperation partners. Owing to its origin, COST AVIATION is able to rely on specifically proven solutions and methods supported by facts and figures. COST AVIATION performs in the value chain right from the definition of business needs to translation of the same to tangible guidelines for implementation at the customer.

Media Contact:

Josephine Courant at josephine.courant@springshot.com