Springshot | The Delicious Taste of Victory
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The Delicious Taste of Victory

March Madness is an exciting time. People anxiously fill out their brackets, attempting to predict which of the 68 college basketball teams will ultimately win the NCAA Tournament. Nothing electrifies and unites people quite like the thrill of competition, which is exactly why we teamed up with the cabin cleaning teams for Alaska Airlines to have a little fun of our own – with a March Madness spin.

Last month, we pitted the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and San Jose International Airport (SJC) cabin cleaning teams for Alaska Airlines against each other in an epic battle for a pizza party, a grand prize and, most importantly, bragging rights. Teams from SFO and SJC battled it out as they performed and tracked their daily cleaning duties to accrue points using the Springshot app.

The competition was based on two criteria: usage and engagement. Usage points were added when station members tracked the number of missions they completed, and engagement points were earned when each person on the team noted the completion of a task. At the end of each match, usage and engagement points were added up and the team with the most points moved on to the next round until there was only one team left: the champions.

So, without further adieu, we’d like to send a huge shout out and congratulations to the winning team at San Jose International Airport! We hope you enjoyed the delicious taste of victory and, of course, the pizza.

We’re now in the midst hosting another battle between John Wayne International Airport in Orange County and Maui International Airport, and the team at SJC will be waiting to challenge the winners in the grand prize tournament of champions.

This competition was not only a ton of fun, it reinforced the very reason why we created Springshot: people matter, and it’s important to validate them and the jobs and tasks they perform every single day. Validation motivates people to care about the work they do and to continually look for ways to improve, and we found that sprinkling a little bit of competition in the mix was the cheese on top of the pizza. By making things fun, teams worked together to provide better service to the airline, had more laughs along the way, and were able to cheer their coworkers on to victory.

Stay tuned to find out the winners of the next competition!

Congratulations to the SJC team. We hope that success tastes amazing!