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in a whole new way

Experience what happens when every member of your organization knows and cares about the score.

Offer team members access to live stats via custom user profiles. Convert raw data into metrics that matter most to your organization and share feedback with team members in a format they embrace.

Connect and unite all of your operations. Through Springshot’s newsfeed, “level ups” and leaderboards, allow individuals to celebrate personal accomplishments and the role they play in your broader mission.

Show them how much you care. Springshot makes it easy to create and issue custom awards that publicly recognize team members for outstanding contributions. 

“With the demands placed on today’s managers, most of the day is spent on what’s going wrong. With Springshot, you can focus on what’s going right.

Springshot’s dashboard, stats and social platform make it easy to identify and thank those who do an amazing job every day. It’s incredible to see what happens when you stay engaged with your team’s quiet leaders.”

— Mark Pantillon

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