Accelerating the Great Upgrade: Springshot’s Role in the New Tech-Enabled Workforce

Here’s what we know:

It hasn’t been easy to recover. 

The two-year global pandemic has altered so many facets of human life: How we work, what we do for a living, how and when we socialize, even what we eat and where we eat it.

In the workplace, a significant “brain drain” fundamentally shifted the workforce. Thanks to attractive early retirement packages, many older people left their jobs sooner than expected. Younger workers, who make up nearly half of the workforce, began finding new positions — often higher-paying — that more closely-align with their core values, such as support for mental and physical wellbeing and high ethical standards.

No industry has been immune to these changes, and a record number of Americans — 50 million — quit their jobs in the fall of 2021. At Springshot, we watched as this rollercoaster played out in our primary industry, commercial aviation, where airlines were forced to cancel and delay an unprecedented number of flights due to staffing shortages over the 2021 holiday season. By early 2022, the highly contagious Covid-19 Omicron variant stalled what had been the beginning of a labor recovery. 

Here’s where we’re going:

A turn is in the works. 

As virus case counts began declining in February and the world started to re-open in March, a renewed hope for economic recovery came into focus. The US government forecasts steady employment growth over the next 10 years. Despite high inflation, consumer spending is strong and travel is picking back up, too. Showing their resiliency, businesses added record numbers of employees in January.

Recovery is happening, and it’s reaching all industries. Airlines, restaurants, hotels, and big corporations are hiring by the thousands. Hourly employees are receiving signing bonuses for the first time in their careers as the market for talent is more competitive than ever for labor-intensive roles. 

Another striking facet of the recovery has emerged: Companies are becoming smarter and seek to better motivate and support their mobile workers. Through enabling new technologies, business leaders are actively setting up employees for success, which is improving output and reducing employee turnover.

We’re helping businesses get there:

In a world where people are more than ready to begin working together in person, learning in schools, eating out at restaurants, and flying across the globe, Springshot has emerged as a powerful tool to support the workers who form the backbone of these industries. 

Thanks to Springshot, we have been able to better communicate with our teams, which drives engagement, while ensuring the right work is being completed at the right time and right place. Springshot has not only empowered our teams to optimize their time, but they have enabled us to align internally and with our airline customers on a closed loop auditing platform, resulting in system leadership in quality.
Roman, CEO of a cleaning company

Springshot’s very first mission was to support a team who cleaned a plane. The components of a successful “aircraft turn” are similar to what’s needed to clean and maintain a restaurant, hotel, school, office, or, frankly, any space where human needs for cleanliness and safety must be met. At its simplest definition, this is janitorial work, and this commercial sector is ready for its dynamic upgrade. 

Janitorial is just one aspect of Springshot’s expertise within integrated facilities management. We connect remote workforces in meaningful ways, all the while collecting data to improve the future of work. Businesses benefit from our advanced tools to streamline facilities management and improve the integration of human and technical systems, including enhanced employee engagement. Teams using Springshot motivate each other to be productive by easily tracking the work that needs to get done and by seamlessly signing off on completed tasks.

“This is Springshot’s breakout moment because we are poised to revolutionize cleaning in any setting. We’ve unified our product offerings, ramped up our data collection processes, and escalated our branding,” said Springshot Founder and CEO Doug Kreuzkamp. “We’re excited about what’s ahead, including automatic mission assignments and our growth into the janitorial and facilities management sectors.”

Springshot provides us with everything we need to manage and oversee our facilities and janitorial teams in one place. Its incredibly easy-to-use interface masks the complex data model and robust engine that lay underneath. From knowing which of my hard assets need to be fixed, what areas need to be cleaned and the current location of my entire team, Springshot connects everything and keeps everyone on the same page.
John Bagnas, Delta Air Lines

With Springshot, just imagine:

  • What if you could ensure restroom trash cans were never overflowing and the soap and paper dispensers were consistently provisioned?
  • What if paper cleaning logs on the back of restroom doors were a thing of the past?
  • Imagine that instead of cleaning the same office three times a day due to an arbitrary schedule, your janitorial team partnered with a digital assistant that directed them to the right place at the right time to clean throughout the day?
  • What if your workers had meaningful and friendly competition that actually made their work more efficient, productive, and fun?
  • Imagine that you have real time insight into every work task that is performed during a mission, and you can use this data to make your whole crew more competent in performing their work, translating into reduced turnover and money saved.

Springshot’s support for workers and businesses is, well, endless, and our platform is ready to assist in any environment that requires high quality facilities management: We’re here to help your company lift off.

Read the second part in this blog series for a more in depth look at how Springshot supports integrated facilities management in office buildings.

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