Join the Springshot Crew: Customer Success Manager

Position closes May 31, 2024

The Springshot Mission

The Springshot Mission isn’t a cliché or a bunch of empty words plastered on a wall. It’s the very essence of who we are and how we operate.

At Springshot, we believe in people. We believe in humanity. We are futurists and technologists who highly value the roles that AI and robotics will progressively play in our lives. Yet, we believe the most valuable form of intelligence is human and the most important actor is the human being.

We’re living through a modern industrial revolution. One that is transforming the very nature of work and the relationship between human worker and machine. As companies providing services in the aviation, logistics, municipal services and other physically demanding sectors further rely upon automation and robots to perform physical tasks, the human workers who remain are overwhelmed. Often, left behind.

Technology is subsidizing many mundane tasks performed by human workers, but it increasingly relies upon human beings to make crucial judgment calls and perform critical tasks that are beyond the capabilities of today’s systems and machines. I.e., the robots have yet to take over the world. These systems have become so tightly wound that even the smallest human misstep could be catastrophic. It’s never been more important to ensure tight alignment between technical systems and the human workers who use them.

Enter Springshot. We live at this intersection of technology and humanity.

We are manically driven to build and support beautiful software that meaningfully connects our user community with their peers, surroundings and companion technologies. We assimilate and simplify the complex. We strive to provide our users with easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces that present them with the right information at the right time so they can make the right decision or take the right physical action, increasingly through robotics and autonomous machines.

We are passionate about augmenting the mental and physical capabilities of our user community and doing so within a welcoming digital ecosystem that enhances their mental wellbeing.

Our internal culture parallels our user experience. Many of us have worked together for years. We’re very particular about our culture and core beliefs. We work hard to maintain an inclusive, welcoming, patient and kind workplace that allows everyone – regardless of their background or beliefs – to positively contribute and perform at their very best. If you’re self-motivated, service minded and seek a nurturing environment that provides you with autonomy to do your best work, we believe you’d enjoy being a part of our crew.

Your Springshot Journey

With our recent growth, we’re actively seeking an energetic and creative self-starter with a passion for people to join our crew. If you’re up for it, we’d love to connect with you about joining Springshot as our newest Customer Success Manager.

So what would your life look like as a Customer Success Manager?

With humanity at our core, it should come as no surprise that our Customer Success team is a vital part of our global organization. In your new role, you’d play a pivotal role ensuring that we always rise to the occasion and accomplish our mission. Working closely with your colleagues across Springshot’s global team, you’d provide daily customer support to our customers and user community. Providing them with in-depth knowledge regarding our applications and functionality while observing how we can continue improving our platform, you’d be on the front lines of our collective success.

We’d provide you with the training and context to thrive. Over your first 90 days, your colleagues on the Customer Success, Commercial, Product and Engineering teams would work closely with you to provide hands-on instruction regarding our platform. You’d be paired with one of our existing Customer Success Managers and travel with him or her to visit and support a few of our existing customers. During this initial period, you’d be deeply immersed in our products, processes, history and culture.

You’d be given the autonomy to set your schedule and succeed. Following your introductory period, you’d be given a handful of existing Springshot customers to support on a daily basis. While your role would require some travel (including outside the United States, if you’re interested), you’d support your customers largely from your home. Your day-to-day would largely include hosting weekly/monthly sync calls with your customers, providing new product orientation and training, responding to your customer’s requests over email/text, building workflows to support their operations, syncing with your colleagues on the Product and Commercial teams to remain up to speed on new Springshot offerings and customer developments and otherwise doing what you deem critical to ensure your customers are happy and successful using our platform.

While there would be no set structure to your daily work, you could expect to spend a large portion of your time building and fostering relationships with our partners. There would be customer-facing meetings, strategic and tactical discussions, hands-on training with users, and many opportunities to use your creativity to solve problems. This role will have a lot of autonomy, and we need you to truly show up as your authentic self. Connection is what makes Springshot’s customer support better than the rest.

The same ethos holds true for our internal working relationships. Although this role is remote and our 45-person crew is dispersed around the world, we prioritize collaboration and an environment of open communication. Have a new idea? Speak up. See a process that can be approved? Help us be better. In the end, your creativity and ability to truly hear our partners’ needs will make our product – and our company – reach its full potential.

Starting as a Customer Success Manager, you’d also gain experience to advance to many other roles within Springshot. We’re very serious about promoting from within. Indeed, former Customer Success Managers have gone on to serve many other roles in our organization across our Customer Success, Product and Engineering teams, including our Vice President of Product, Roshan Patel, who began as a Customer Success Manager and now runs our entire global Product team. Multiple Customer Success Managers have also completed their college degrees in parallel while working with us. We’re serious about our team members’ personal growth and would ensure we support your personal career development.

Customer Success Manager Roles & Responsibilities

Interested in joining our crew? Here are a few details about what we’d expect:

    1. Customer Onboarding: Lead the onboarding process for new customers, ensuring a smooth transition from sales to implementation. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define and execute onboarding plans, set realistic expectations and ensure customers achieve early value.
    2. Relationship Management: Develop strong relationships with key stakeholders at customer organizations, including managers and our front-line user community. Act as a trusted advisor, understanding their unique business needs and goals, and proactively identifying opportunities to deliver value and drive customer success.
    3. Customer Engagement: Regularly engage with customers through various channels (email, phone, video calls and in-person meetings) to provide guidance, support and proactive assistance. Conduct business reviews to assess progress, gather feedback and identify areas for improvement.
    4. Issue Resolution: Serve as the primary point of contact for customer escalations and issues. Work closely with internal teams, such as Product, Engineering and Commercial, to resolve problems promptly and ensure customer satisfaction.
    5. Adoption and Expansion: Drive product adoption and usage by helping customers understand the full capabilities and benefits of Springshot’s offerings. Identify opportunities for upselling, cross-selling and expansion within existing customers, collaborating with our Commercial team to execute these strategies.
    6. Customer Feedback and Insights: Collect and analyze customer feedback, identifying trends, patterns and opportunities for improvement. Share customer insights with our Product team to influence product development and customer-centric initiatives.
    7. Renewals and Churn Prevention: Proactively manage customer renewals, ensuring timely contract renewals and minimizing churn. Monitor customer health indicators, conduct risk assessments and develop and execute strategies to mitigate churn risks.
    8. Continuous Learning: Stay up to date with industry trends, best practices and our new product features. Actively seek opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge in customer success management.
    9. Configurations & Product Maintenance: Learn and adopt best practices for configuring the Springshot Platform to meet the unique needs of each customer and support their ever-changing requirements.
    10. Travel & Onsite Support: Travel for up to two weeks at a time, up to three months in a calendar year, to help support existing customers with training, meetings and business reviews and to support new customers with training and launch programs.
    11. Reporting line: Report directly to the VP Customer Success

Preferred Requirements

While not a deal-breaker, we’d prefer a candidate with the following background:

    1. Location: Ideally, we’d like for you to be based in the central United States.
    2. Background: Ideally, we’re looking for an upcoming professional, who has the ability and desire to travel throughout the United States, sometimes at short notice and for a few weeks at a time.
    3. Aviation Experience: Ideally, we’re looking for someone who has experience working within commercial aviation, as many of our existing customers are commercial airlines and the companies that support them.
    4. Focus: We’re seeking someone with a proven willingness to learn, progress and follow direction from leadership, but also has the ability to maintain a creative flair and work with significant autonomy.

To inquire further about this new and exciting role, please email us at:

Position closes May 31, 2024

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