About Us

The time is always right to do what is right

We believe in the dignity of work. We aspire to build a better world.

We are driven to build beautiful software that simplifies the complex, connects workers with their colleagues, and offers the opportunity for everyone, no matter the job, to experience success and meaning through their work. We appreciate and understand the profound sense of pride and gratitude that flow from a team working together to accomplish the impossible. In our small way, we hope to inspire our users to care for and help one another and build stronger communities. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared over 50 years ago, the time is always right to do what is right.

Doug Kreuzkamp CEO & Founder

I’ve pushed wheelchairs, made donuts, practiced law, and cleaned 747s. From these experiences, I’ve learned that titles and duties are rarely relevant. With the right conditions, nearly any job can produce a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

We launched Springshot to create these magical conditions. When people are empowered to make smart decisions, presented with meaningful feedback, and given access to a community that celebrates their successes, they flourish. When people flourish collectively as a team, they build amazing companies and thriving communities. This is our mission.

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Our Crew
Doug Kreuzkamp Founder & CEO
Shruti Naik Vice President Engineering
Adam Taylor Chief Revenue Officer
Josephine Courant Creative Director
Roshan Patel Vice President Product
Christian Entringer Head of Finance
Abhi Mahabalshetti Senior Software Architect
Andrew Gambling VP of Strategic Accounts
Eugenia Figureres Director - Global Initiatives
Mark Pantilon General Manager - North America
Josh Buermann Senior Software Engineer
Mike Williams General Manager - North America
Ciprian Ugureanu Senior Software Engineer
Tomohiko Naga General Manager - Asia
John Baker Senior Software Engineer
Tranna Washington General Manager - North America
Claudiu Matei Lead Mobile Engineer
David Aranguren General Manager - Latin America
Horatiu Campean Lead Frontend Engineer
Michael Taylor General Manager - Europe
Jay Devan Senior QA Engineer
Jonathan Birtwistle Product Manager
Kevin Claiborne Product Manager
Adana Vraciu QA Engineer
Bapiraju Muthyala Software Engineer
Cristi Adrian Nechita QA Engineer
Everick Bernard Knox Customer Specialist
Geneve Salazar Senior Manager - North America
Gheo Slevoaca QA Engineer
Lucian Stoian Software Engineer
Oleg Ephrosinin Software Engineer
Ogtay Tasinov Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Suma Khursheed Software Engineer
Sumukh Vaze Intern
Clint Powell Customer Success Advisor
Hannah Andersen Product Advisor
Peter Hulst Technical Advisor
Maui Chief Happiness Officer
Open Positions

Don't see a position for you? Reach out - we'd love to hear how you see yourself on our team!

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