Extending the Great Upgrade to Stadiums: How Springshot Ensures Maximum Operational Efficiencies for Devoted Fans

Among the many lessons learned from Covid-19 is that professional and collegiate sports are not the same without in-person fans cheering on their favorite teams.

Pandemic-related restrictions often meant no or few spectators at games. This had a clear impact on players and coaches, as die-hard fans were forced to watch their favorite events from home and players competed in silence. Venue operators did all they could to create a sense of normalcy. Who can forget the thousands of cardboard fan cut-outs placed in seats or fake crowd sounds blaring over the PA?

As physical distancing and mask mandates were lifted in early 2022 and the world began to open back up, stadium operators evolved to a “new normal” in how they offered creature comforts that made watching live games enjoyable. New adjustments to food, drink, mobility assistance and facility maintenance services became a necessity. Many stadiums began limiting touch points via mobile tickets and requiring 100% cashless payments. They have prioritized facility maintenance tasks like never before — from the frequency in which they clean restrooms to adding hand sanitizer stations throughout every arena. Cleaning tasks now have a pre, during and post event cadence.

At Springshot, we keenly appreciate how these new measures have impacted stadium operations. We understand these changes must be seamless. Spectators expect full adherence to health codes, but they also want to maximize their experiences at any event, whether it’s a baseball game, football game, golf tournament or rock concert. 

The must-haves? Easy parking, efficiently-served and delicious concessions, regularly maintained and well-stocked bathrooms and access to accessibility measures to optimize people movement through large venues, such as wheelchair escorts or golf carts.

“Our mobile platform ensures workers who support stadium operations are equipped with the right technology and information to effectively manage tasks and provide fans with the experiences they crave,” Doug Kreuzkamp, founder and CEO of Springshot. “Springshot’s background supporting facility and guest logistics at large sporting events has been invaluable in how we’ve matured our platform to become an effective data collection tool for stadiums operating in the post-pandemic landscape.”

Our mobile platform ensures workers who support stadium operations are equipped with the right technology and information to effectively manage tasks and provide fans with the experiences they crave
Doug Kreuzkamp, Founder and CEO of Springshot

With higher expectations for cleanliness in these shared spaces, Springshot has you covered. Our application supports consistent alerting and can be integrated directly with a myriad of sensors. A hand sanitizer station needs to be refilled? No problem. Teams will know immediately thanks to embedded loT devices sending alerts to our platform.

Should paper towels unexpectedly run out or trash cans overflow, bathrooms cleaned at regular intervals can also receive immediate attention. Imagine no longer using paper log forms taped to doors to confirm that bathrooms were cleaned as scheduled. Springshot digitally tracks these tasks — and our platform can assign an attendant to their next task right away, should another sensor alert nearby.

Soda spills or nachos gone overboard in the stands? We’ve got that covered, too. With our platform, anyone can alert a cleaning crew member via Springshot that section BB, row 12 needs attention. They will know exactly what the spill is and where it fell, thanks to our seamless photo capture and tagging capabilities. The platform also tracks and shows on maps where necessary tools, such as buckets and mops, are stored so workers are as efficient as possible in their cleaning tasks. 

With Springshot, the communication between teams and individual workers is customized based on roles and made easy thanks to flexible features like voice and text messaging or the ability to send images and videos. Teams can also send Bulletins, such as emergency or safety alerts, with their co-workers as needed. Equally important, our interface is easy to use and intuitive for any worker to learn.

A dispersed workforce who is connected on Springshot is highly engaged. They collaborate easily, which makes their jobs easier to do. Even our auditing platform — Springshot Forms — provides immediate and clear feedback to team members. We create data-driven, coachable moments to share where your teams are winning and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Working effortlessly through a complex data set, teams can see their work as having an immediate impact on the fans’ experience — something they take pride in. Springshot’s workflows also help improve worker retention as remote teams better understand their jobs and how their collective efforts positively impact the event.

The best part? All actions are captured as data points that better enhance and inform future stadium operations.

Simply put, our adaptive platform improves the fan experience and worker engagement at large venues in the post-pandemic world. We understand what motivates essential workers and how to effectively manage large scale live events. Springshot will help you take the steps now to upgrade and refocus your stadium operations.

Watch for the final post in our Great Upgrade blog series as we unveil exciting enhancements to Springshot’s offerings.

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