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Operating an office building, school or hospital requires dozens of team members to collaborate seamlessly. Whether it’s the security guard at the main entrance, the janitor cleaning the common areas, or the maintenance technician responding to an overflowing toilet, Springshot helps the entire community stay connected and focused on critical issues.
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Hey there! I'm Alvaro Garcia, Janitorial Team Lead at Acme Business Park
Alvaro Garcia, Janitorial Team Lead

Signature Required Bulletins 

Every morning, I use my Android phone to check my messages on Springshot.

This morning, I saw a notification from my supervisor, Mark Wheeler, about a new policy regarding quiet hours in the executive offices. I read and signed the bulletin to let him know I understood.

Perform Missions

Later that day, I received a notification from Springshot letting me know I had a new cleaning mission at Conference Room B.

The mission included a note from Mark. He said a meeting had just ended in Conference Room B and was assigning me to clean the mess that was left behind. In Springshot, I can easily see all of the missions assigned to me, but with this as my top priority, I got right to work!

Issue Awards

While cleaning the room, I found an iPhone, keys and access badge that were left behind.

I quickly snapped a photo and logged these as “lost and found” items on Springshot. Within five minutes, Mark sent me a virtual high five for helping ensure the items were returned to their owners. It always feels nice when Mark thanks me for doing a good job.

Create Reports

With Springshot, I am appreciated.

Before leaving work that day, I spoke with Stacey Martin, the Acme Business Park property manager. She said she saw a Springshot report that showed how fast I clean the bathrooms and my attention to detail. It feels good when she recognizes my efforts!

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