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Guests rest easy with collaborative teams
Today’s travelers demand a seamless and hassle-free experience. From the housekeeper to the manager leading food & beverage, team members working throughout the property rely on Springshot to keep them synchronized and focused on their guests.
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My name is Sheri and I’m part of the housekeeping staff at the Serene Sleep Hotel.
Sheri Morgan, Housekeeping

Receive Notifications

This morning I received a Springshot notification from the front desk manager, Naomi.

She let me know Room 127 needed to be cleaned for an early check in. I checked my cart to make sure I had all the right cleaning supplies and headed to the room.

Report Maintenance Issue

Upon arrival, I immediately noticed the toilet had overflowed and there was a cable missing behind the TV.

I quickly documented the issues via Springshot on my iPhone, which created a mission for the maintenance team.

Perform Missions

While I waited for maintenance, I went through my tasks on Springshot and began cleaning.

Halfway through, I received a new notification with a rollaway bed request. I went to the storage room and retrieved the bed. As I rolled the bed down the hallway, I was pleasantly surprised to see John, our maintenance technician, finishing up his work.

Team Collaboration

“Everything is fixed!” John exclaimed as he checked off the job in the Springshot app.

I smiled as I saw his notification pop up on my phone. I thanked him and continued to work on the room until I had completed everything on my list. Once I finished, I swiped my last task complete, which sent a notification to Naomi to show the room was ready.

Thanks to Springshot, we are able to communicate and work together as a team, allowing us to always meet our guests’ needs!

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