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Restaurants need their teams focused on food safety and quality. In this fast-paced and decentralized industry, it’s hard for managers to keep tabs. With Springshot, leaders at local restaurants or the corporate office can distribute custom observation forms, collect critical data, share policy updates, and view real-time dashboards to ensure each meal exceeds expectations.
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Hey there! I’m Leroy and I work at Delicious Diner, an international restaurant franchise.
Leroy Ramires, Regional Compliance Manager

Compliance Audits

I oversee food safety and quality, so each day I visit locations to make sure everything complies with company standards.

When I visited my first restaurant today, I saw a few team members were not wearing hair nets or rubber gloves when handling food. When I checked the main cooler, the temperature was 10 degrees warmer than expected. I opened the Springshot app on my Android phone, noted these findings, and immediately submitted the audit.

Priority Bulletin

In response, Laura Simone, our corporate compliance manager, sent a high-priority bulletin to all locations.

Given this was the fifth time in two days she received findings on improper food handling, Laura sent an action-required bulletin on Springshot to all of our restaurant team members. She also required each employee to sign their name after viewing it. Within minutes, Laura began receiving confirmation that team members around the country were signing the bulletin electronically on Springshot.

Real-time alerts

Thanks to Springshot, we were able to prevent food from spoiling.

Soon after she sent the bulletin, I received a private note on Springshot from Laura. She thanked me for identifying the issue with the cooler and said she’d send a maintenance technician to fix it immediately.

Multiple teams, one platform

I know I’m not the only one who loves using Springshot.

My coworker, Nancy, uses the platform to keep inventory of what food items she has in stock and what she needs to order before the following week. We’re always busy, so having the information in one place makes her stay organized and on top of her locations.

Our managers also use Springshot during their monthly corporate meetings. They review location reports, discuss operational issues and use the data to implement new policies that increase efficiency and reduce waste.

With Springshot, everyone at Delicious Diner has the information they need. Springshot helps us all stay safe and focused on pleasing our customers.

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