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Fans win big when stadium teams work together
It takes a small army to support 80,000 rowdy fans. Whether they’re cleaning the seats, feeding ticketholders, or keeping streakers off the field, hundreds of workers come together to support each sporting event or show. With Springshot, connect and synchronize the stadium crew to provide guests with a safe and memorable experience.
I’m Jessie, the Suite Manager at Star Stadium
Jessie Farmer, Suite Manager

Perform Audit

It’s my job to ensure fans sitting in the luxury suites have a great experience while at the game.

Four hours before the gates open, I use Springshot to audit each suite to ensure floors and chairs are clean, TVs are working and drinks are stocked and ready to go. Today, I noticed the garbage cans in Suite 339 were full of trash, so I assigned the janitorial team a cleaning mission through my Springshot app.

Mission Notifications

Marci Green, a team member working for our janitorial contractor, received the notification through her mobile app and arrived a few minutes later.

When she entered, Springshot automatically confirmed her arrival via a Bluetooth beacon integration. After emptying the trash, Marci snapped a photo of the pristine suite. She then completed the mission, which pushed a notification to me along with the photo.


At halftime, a guest inside Suite 215 pressed a button on a suite service device to request assistance.

The device triggered a new Springshot mission for Henry, the Suite Attendant supporting Suite 215. Within seconds, Henry was at the door asking the guest how he could help. After learning he wanted more beer, Henry retrieved and delivered a six pack from the supply closest, and then recorded the additional beverage order on Springshot.

Security Scan

Each time a fan enters the suite level, they need to present their credentials to our security guard, LeRoy Jenkins.

In the 3rd Quarter, someone tried to enter the luxury suites without proper credentials. LeRoy scanned the credential matrix that was sent earlier as a Springshot bulletin, and told the person he should visit the customer service desk to get the proper pass.

Post-Game Missions

One hour after the final whistle, I dispatched Marci’s janitorial crew to perform an unscheduled carpet clean outside the men’s restroom.

Working a game is always a long night, but I am so thankful for Springshot. It helps me stay organized and ensure my teams are on track to provide the fans the experience they deserve.

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