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Connected teams deliver on-time departures
From curb to takeoff, each airport worker plays a critical role in the passenger journey. Whether they’re employed by the airline, airport, ground handler or concessionaire, Springshot ensures each member of the crew collaborates together to deliver safe and timely departures.
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Hey there! I’m Michael Green, a Duty Manager for Leisure Airways
Michael Green, Duty Manager

Mission Control

As soon as I get to my desk each day, I log in to Springshot and ensure each flight has the right airport ops team members assigned.

Throughout the day, I track progress on each task and reach out to my crew if I spot any issues. With Springshot’s web and smartphone applications, I have the flexibility to stay at my desk or get into the operation and assist, which is really helpful if my coworkers are in a bind.

Submitting a maintenance request

Today, cabin cleaners supporting a turn at Gate N16 noticed a broken seatbelt.

Via their smartphones, they logged a maintenance issue in Springshot, which let Nathan Gancia, one of our line mechanics, know there was a problem. He quickly fixed the issue and documented it on Springshot, allowing Helen Reynolds, the customer service agent, to start boarding passengers on time.

Creating an unscheduled mission

Just as Helen began boarding the flight, she learned that a passenger required aisle chair assistance.

In just seconds, using Springshot’s web application, Helen created an Aisle Chair Mission so our special service business partner, TopFlight Aviation, could assign a team member to provide support.

Integrations & Communication

Ten minutes later, cameras positioned inside the jetbridge documented a passenger carrying the flight’s 125th carry-on bag. 

This automatically triggered Springshot to notify Helen and Dory Fisher, our purser for the flight, that passengers should begin checking carry-on bags. Minutes later, Roger Brett, one of our ramp agents, received a “gate check bags ready” notification on his Springshot smart watch app. This let Roger know to walk up the jet bridge and begin collecting gate-checked bags. As he carried off the last bag, he received a smiley face message from Helen, thanking him for the help.

Every member of the crew was communicative and super responsive, resulting in the flight departing on time. Proud of my team, I sent out a note on Springshot giving them all thanks!

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