Get Ready for Springshot’s Next Great Upgrade: Automation

We consider ourselves problem solvers and have been helping remote teams become more cohesive and efficient for over 10 years. With elegant and intuitively-designed applications, the Springshot collaboration platform has digitally transformed enterprises looking to better manage day-of operations. For essential workers performing time-sensitive functions across numerous industries — commercial aviation, facilities management, hotels, restaurants and live events — Springshot has increased productivity by enhancing human well-being.  

And now? We’re gearing up for another major upgrade. With our upcoming release focused on automated dispatching, we’ll remove the monotonous and mundane tasks users execute today to schedule operations. We’ll help them cut through the noise of deciding who to assign to what while elevating their local communities to reach new heights.

But first, let’s step back

When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world, we discovered the niche our platform serves — helping remote teams better collaborate — was needed more than ever. The health crisis had upended the employment landscape and essential workers began to seek higher-paying jobs that better matched their core values.

As a result, many new teams began working together for the first time. The Springshot platform pivoted to lead the way.

We invested heavily in feed and sensor integrations to make better sense of the physical world. We released our dynamic, bidirectional and fully-integrated Forms platform to help our users collect better data and collaborate more effectively. To better facilitate real-time user-to-user engagement, we augmented our flagship Connect platform to support voice calls and deeper role-based communication.

As the pandemic fades further in the rearview mirror, new trends continue to emerge. Labor statistics show workers are switching jobs at an unprecedented pace. More than ever before, companies need tools that make integrating workers into new positions quicker and less disruptive. Employee engagement and employee retention are no longer the “touch-feely” aspirations of the human resource department, but critical strategic goals for the entire C-suite. 

To stay competitive across every labor market today, companies must quickly assimilate and upskill new hires while ensuring all crew members feel a sense of purpose and appreciation for their efforts. It’s within this backdrop that we elevate Springshot by focusing deeper on AI and automation. In the last decade, we saw the emergence of the digital ecosystem that mimics the analog physical world, allowing human workers to collaborate better with each other

In the next, we’ll see this ecosystem evolve to generate greater output through human workers collaborating better with machines. In this new world, backend systems will be trusted to successfully execute complex real-time operational computations. Autonomous robots will be used to perform mundane physical tasks. At the heart of it all will be an easy-to-use platform that elevates and automates the human worker experience to deliver more.

Enter Springshot.

“Since its inception, Springshot has received and mined data streams to generate efficient work plans. Originally, we focused on mining data from airline flight feeds. Now, we do the same for more industries using beacons and sensors,” explained Doug Kreuzkamp, Springshot Founder and CEO. “With the architecture already in place to receive data from these sensors, mine that data to determine what tasks must be performed at what place and time, the insight as to which human resources are available to complete the mission in a timely way has helped create our game-changing automated dispatch tool.”

Our new platform is a fresh approach to automated task allocation, striking the ideal balance between human autonomy and operational efficiency. During peak operations when overwhelmed with multiple competing priorities, dispatchers will have the option to toggle on Elevate to help identify and automatically assign the most important tasks to the right users.

During calmer times, dispatchers can disengage when they seek greater control. Appreciating the complexity of dynamic operations and the fact that even the world’s most sophisticated sensors can’t capture and assimilate every input processed by the human brain, Springshot will maximize both operational productivity and job satisfaction.

An effective balance of worker productivity and engagement.

Our upcoming enhancements  will become another tool in the digital Springshot toolbox. Workers won’t be overburdened with too much work. They won’t have too much idle time in the event of flight delays, game delays, or in-person office schedules changing last minute due to pandemic-related risk guidelines. Via intelligent and human-centric automated task allocation, Springshot will easily fill in the gaps as needed.

“Our new auto dispatch feature will further show how humans and technology can work together and harmonize,” said Adam Taylor, Chief Revenue Officer of Springshot. “With this next iteration of Springshot, front line team members will be even more supported to complete their work tasks. This results-oriented feature means we are not wasting time and, rather, making their time as effective and efficient as possible.”

Elevate your worker engagement. Elevate your task distribution. Elevate your results … all with Springshot.

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