Springshot News 私たちのパートナーとの輝かしい軌跡や、システムのアップデートなど、Springshotの最新ニュースです。
When Intrinsic Motivation Meets Environmental Sustainability: How Springshot is Inspiring Airport Workers to Create a Greener Future 04.07.2021

What are airports without their operations teams? What are these teams without motivation? What happens to airlines when their team members feel disconnected and uninspired? At Springshot, we have long pondered these questions. It’s embedded in our DNA to solve these challenges. In turn, our platform removes the ambiguity around collecting data, inspires and connects [...]

Springshot Optimizes People Moving at Super Bowl LV 03.05.2021

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed their prowess over the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LV so did Springshot’s newly revamped online platform that proved crucial in getting fans to and from their seats quickly and efficiently before and after the championship game.  Springshot, which partnered with SP+ Gameday, a guest logistics vendor, to [...]

全く新しい(そして清潔な)世界に 10.29.2020

COVID-19により3つのテクノロジーにおけるトレンドが清掃業務を変えました。センサーやIoT、企業間での業務管理システムにおけるシステム連動によって、クリーニング業務はダイナミックな業務と変化しています。これにより、管理者は効率をあげるのみならず、金銭的にも健全な [...]

Springshot 2.0について 03.19.2020


SP + Gamedayがどのようにしてスーパーボウルで活躍することが出来たのか 02.14.2020

毎年2月のある日曜日のアメリカ、数あるスポーツのタイトルでも名誉のあるロンバルディトロフィーをめぐって2つのチームが力を競います。 2020年2月2日、カンザスシティのチーフスが49ersを破り、史上2回目のチャンピオンとなったのを60,000人を超えるファンが[...]

キプロスコネクション: SwissportとSpringshot、ヴィーナスが誕生した美しい島で 05.13.2019


Springshot’s New Interface wins honorable mention at the UX Awards 11.13.2018

For a number of us, smartphones are just a way of life. They’re how we check email, navigate directions or look up answers to life’s ever-important questions. However, some people prefer to only use their phones as one thing: a phone! That’s the case for many of the workers who are servicing the aircraft and [...]

The Aloha spirit is strong at OGG, Maui 10.19.2016

During the course of my life, there have been a handful of events and opportunities that have unexpectedly become profound teachable moments. One such time was my visit to the US Aviation team at OGG in Maui, Hawaii. How many times have I boarded a plane, squeezed my luggage into the overhead lockers, and settled [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Tyrone Duncan 09.14.2016

When Numbers Align: Tyrone Duncan is living life bu the numbers, and those numbers are creating a full and vibrant story. 3, 13, 17, 5, 19, 1500, 3, 26, 715, 1000, 8, 1. To a bystander, this may seem like an unsolvable cipher or a math teacher’s idea of a cruel joke, but to Tyrone [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Luke Villamor 06.22.2016

Every day, thousands of people pass through McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether it’s going on vacation or visiting family, each person has a story to tell, and that is exactly why Luke Villamor enjoys working in the airport. As the Operations Manager for SAS Services, he sets up a game plan every single day to [...]

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