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Springshot 2.0の紹介 03.19.2020


SB LIV:SpringshotがSP + Gamedayがスーパーボウルサンデーで勝利するのにどのように貢献したか 02.14.2020

毎年2月のある日曜日に、プロスポーツの究極の賞であるロンバルディトロフィーをめぐって2つのチームが戦います。 2020年2月2日、60,000人を超える叫び声を上げるファンが、カンザスシティの首席がサンフランシスコ49ersを破って2番目のスーパーボウルタイトルを獲得したのを目撃しました。賭け金は、[...]

Cyprus Connection: Swissport & Springshot come together on the Island of Love 05.13.2019

Swissport is the world’s largest aviation service provider. Over the last 25 years, the Zurich-based company has supported the world’s leading airlines at over 300 airports worldwide. Swissport has always been at the forefront of innovation. By providing specialized ramp, passenger and cargo support to its aviation partners, it works continuously to enhance and optimize [...]

Springshot’s New Interface wins honorable mention at the UX Awards 11.13.2018

For a number of us, smartphones are just a way of life. They’re how we check email, navigate directions or look up answers to life’s ever-important questions. However, some people prefer to only use their phones as one thing: a phone! That’s the case for many of the workers who are servicing the aircraft and [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Tyrone Duncan 09.14.2016

When Numbers Align: Tyrone Duncan is living life bu the numbers, and those numbers are creating a full and vibrant story. 3, 13, 17, 5, 19, 1500, 3, 26, 715, 1000, 8, 1. To a bystander, this may seem like an unsolvable cipher or a math teacher’s idea of a cruel joke, but to Tyrone [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Luke Villamor 06.22.2016

Every day, thousands of people pass through McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether it’s going on vacation or visiting family, each person has a story to tell, and that is exactly why Luke Villamor enjoys working in the airport. As the Operations Manager for SAS Services, he sets up a game plan every single day to [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Arleny Perea-Nobles 06.07.2016

This soon-to-be mother of two is working to build a better life for her family, and she wakes up (early!) every morning with a renewed resolve to conquer it all. Often, our present lives don’t look the way they did in our minds when we were planting seeds and tending dreams – but there are times [...]

Avianca Uses Springshot to keep Bogota Flights Running on Time 04.16.2016

An aircraft is an airline’s greatest asset, and that asset generates revenue only when it’s in the air transporting passengers to their next destination. It’s no surprise that the goal of every airline team member – from gate agent to baggage handler – is to quickly prepare each aircraft for its next flight. With flight [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Michelle McWhirter 03.23.2016

Alaskan homesteading, eight children, and a career in aviation have prepared Michelle McWhiter for whatever adventure comes next. From the time her family moved to Alaska when she was three years old to the first time she flew a plane as a teen cadet to now, Michelle McWhirter has always had an adventurous, independent spirit. [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Caroline Garcia 03.01.2016

Tower Director at LaGuardia Airport, Caroline Garcia has a strong connection with her family and a vision for her future built on their hard work. Caroline’s story started many years before she was born when her mother, Teresa, landed at JFK in 1976. Teresa arrived expecting to meet her Aunt at the arrival gates. She [...]

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