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Op-Ed: Times Have Changed – How Can We Bring Excitement Back to the Aviation Workforce? 07.08.2024

By Oliver DeVito The airline industry, once seen as an epicenter of excitement and glamor, now struggles to attract enough workers to meet labor demands. Almost every position, from pilots to baggage handlers, lacks new and ambitious workers, and the dwindling workforce puts a strain on both the crew and customer experience. As an 18-year-old, [...]

Join the Springshot Crew: Customer Success Manager 04.24.2024

Position closes May 31, 2024 The Springshot Mission The Springshot Mission isn't a cliché or a bunch of empty words plastered on a wall. It's the very essence of who we are and how we operate. At Springshot, we believe in people. We believe in humanity. We are futurists and technologists who highly value the [...]

A Year of Springshot, A Runway of Momentum 10.15.2023

A Q&A with Springshot’s Chief Commercial Officer, Robert Blair With one year in the books as our Chief Commercial Officer, and decades of experience in the aviation industry, Robert Blair has several unique perspectives to share. Coming off of the 2023 Future Travel Experience Global conference, Rob recently sat down to discuss his time at [...]

Robotics and the Future of the Aviation Workforce: A Q&A with Efficient Technologies CEO, Matt Senske 05.18.2023

At Springshot, we’re always thinking about new ways to support essential workers. We believe our platform should empower people and make performing their day-to-day tasks more fun and efficient. We live at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence, and now, more than ever, AI and robotics are at the center of workforce conversations. How [...]

The unification layer for airport operations 05.16.2023

Over the last decade, we’ve been busy solving a foundational issue plaguing the technical systems that support airport operations: worker disengagement. By disengagement, we’re not suggesting frontline workers performing essential airport functions are disinterested, apathetic or are otherwise to blame. Quite the opposite. They’ve done all they can to keep pace as their work environments [...]

Springshot empowers the Gen Z aviation workforce through intuitive design and mission-driven collaboration 03.30.2023

We must pay attention to what the youngest working generation is looking for in the workplace, including the technologies they want to use We recently learned the airline industry is facing pressure to modernize the technical systems that support airport operations.  A big catalyst for these changes? The wants and needs of the workforce stepping [...]

The day of reckoning is here — but the future is bright 02.28.2023

Aviation is at an inflection point, ripe for technological innovation on multiple fronts. The good news? Springshot and others are here to help. The backdrop: A difficult 2022 holiday season Perhaps it was a perfect storm of pent-up passenger demand — continuing to accelerate after the uncertainty of the past few years — and a [...]

Springshot Taps Seasoned Business Development Leader Robert Blair for New Chief Commercial Officer Position 09.01.2022

Further demonstrating its commitment to delivering technology solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers, Springshot is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Blair to Chief Commercial Officer. The addition of Blair, who played a leading role helping airlines digitally transform their operations, will reinforce Springshot’s market leadership as the day of [...]

Get Ready for Springshot’s Next Great Upgrade: Automation 06.08.2022

We consider ourselves problem solvers and have been helping remote teams become more cohesive and efficient for over 10 years. With elegant and intuitively-designed applications, the Springshot collaboration platform has digitally transformed enterprises looking to better manage day-of operations. For essential workers performing time-sensitive functions across numerous industries — commercial aviation, facilities management, hotels, restaurants [...]

Extending the Great Upgrade to Stadiums: How Springshot Ensures Maximum Operational Efficiencies for Devoted Fans 05.13.2022

Among the many lessons learned from Covid-19 is that professional and collegiate sports are not the same without in-person fans cheering on their favorite teams. Pandemic-related restrictions often meant no or few spectators at games. This had a clear impact on players and coaches, as die-hard fans were forced to watch their favorite events from [...]

Springshot Hires Aviation and Facility Services Executive Andrew Gambling to Newly-Created Role of VP, Strategic Accounts 05.04.2022

As we expand into new sectors and increase our global customer base, Springshot is delighted to announce that we have tapped a talented thought leader, Andrew Gambling, as our Vice President of Strategic Accounts. In this newly-created role, Gambling will lead Springshot’s worldwide customer engagement and management capabilities. With over 10 years experience in aviation, [...]

As the Great Upgrade Takes Shape at the Office, Springshot Empowers Facilities Management 04.21.2022

It’s a changed world in most office buildings. Not only do workers have greater power to dictate their job preferences (thanks to the pandemic-driven shift in where and how we work), many have been able to ditch the monotonous office commute altogether. One week in person, one week remote. Mondays and Wednesdays at the office, [...]

Accelerating the Great Upgrade: Springshot’s Role in the New Tech-Enabled Workforce 03.11.2022

Here’s what we know: It hasn’t been easy to recover.  The two-year global pandemic has altered so many facets of human life: How we work, what we do for a living, how and when we socialize, even what we eat and where we eat it. In the workplace, a significant “brain drain” fundamentally shifted the [...]

Outfitting Springshot: Creative Director Josephine Courant on Humanistic Design 11.23.2021

At Springshot, we combine complicated programming, technology, and data into a thoughtfully-designed platform that is accessible, fun, and easy to use. We have always felt that our app must look great — and feel authentic — in order to encourage worker interaction. We know we are the worker’s voice out in the field, we embrace [...]

Launching Instagram: Behind the Scenes with Springshot and KedzieT Consulting 11.01.2021

In early 2021, Springshot partnered with marketing firm KedzieT Consulting to launch a strategic and distinct presence on the LinkedIn business networking platform. What followed was an effective year where we solidified ourselves as a thought leader in the aviation and mobile communications industries. We’ve told many of our favorite stories in our own words, [...]

10 Year Anniversary Timeline 10.22.2021

Follow along as we celebrate the major milestones of Springshot's 10 year history...

Branding Springshot: Q&A with Caleb Heisey @ Good Bones Studio 10.20.2021

What makes a good visual brand? Is it a strong, recognizable logo? A memorable color palette and design aesthetic? The truth is that branding and design are more important to consumers and employees than they may realize. Branding and design create a visual language — a means of communicating before a single word is said [...]

Marketing Springshot: Q&A with Adam Taylor, Chief Revenue Officer 09.29.2021

It’s a changed world. We are living in an exciting time where the acceleration of technology into our lives has become integrated into how we live both inside and outside of work. Although the speed of technology, automation, data availability and AI is increasing, the need for people to be included in the solutions is [...]

Highlighting Springshot Forms: Q&A with VP Product Roshan Patel 09.13.2021

On the backend of our new Springshot Forms auditing platform, a complex template structure runs seamlessly, ensuring that auditors communicate effectively with their teams and efficiently capture data. The customizable auditing platform is set to its specific collection requirements before any Missions are performed, and through the entirely new user interface that emphasizes clean design, [...]

Designing Springshot: Q&A with Hannah Andersen, Senior Product Manager 09.09.2021

Springshot’s design team has created an intuitive platform that enhances collaboration and helps solve problems among remote workforces. This creative process takes an attention to detail that Hannah Andersen, Senior Product Manager at Springshot, knows all too well given her five years with our company.  At its core, Springshot’s newest feature, our auditing platform called [...]

Top Airline Services Executive Thomas Marano Joins Springshot Board of Advisors 08.30.2021

We are thrilled to announce that our team is expanding once again, with the appointment of brand-builder Thomas J. Marano to our Board of Advisors. Marano, who will help craft Springshot’s broader growth strategy, is a seasoned sales and marketing executive who has built multiple global brands over his 45-year career. Given the three brands [...]

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 06.16.2021

We have created something special here at Springshot, and we believe that our people come first. It’s our team — and our teamwork— that has made our goals surrounding collaboration and data analysis come to life over the last 10 years. To that end, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has become a cornerstone of our [...]

Elevating Springshot: Data Platform Hires Aviation Industry Leader Adam Taylor to Newly Formed Chief Revenue Officer Position 05.06.2021

At Springshot, we’re all about helping partners collect and operationalize data to increase worker engagement and accelerate digital transformation. To help our own company achieve new heights, we’re excited to announce that aviation industry veteran Adam Taylor has joined Springshot in the newly-created role of Chief Revenue Officer. Taylor begins on May 10 and will [...]

10,000 Points of Data 04.22.2021

During each passenger aircraft turn, crew members clean hundreds of objects and surfaces. Include all of their other responsibilities, and operations teams log thousands of data points every day. Why log each data point? To increase collaboration, analyze efficiency and ensure passengers depart on time – to name a few reasons.  

When Intrinsic Motivation Meets Environmental Sustainability: How Springshot is Inspiring Airport Workers to Create a Greener Future 04.07.2021

What are airports without their operations teams? What are these teams without motivation? What happens to airlines when their team members feel disconnected and uninspired? At Springshot, we have long pondered these questions. It’s embedded in our DNA to solve these challenges. In turn, our platform removes the ambiguity around collecting data, inspires and connects [...]

Springshot Optimizes People Moving at Super Bowl LV 03.05.2021

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed their prowess over the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LV so did Springshot’s newly revamped online platform that proved crucial in getting fans to and from their seats quickly and efficiently before and after the championship game.  Springshot, which partnered with SP+ Gameday, a guest logistics vendor, to [...]

全く新しい(そして清潔な)世界に 10.29.2020

COVID-19により3つのテクノロジーにおけるトレンドが清掃業務を変えました。センサーやIoT、企業間での業務管理システムにおけるシステム連動によって、クリーニング業務はダイナミックな業務と変化しています。これにより、管理者は効率をあげるのみならず、金銭的にも健全な [...]

Springshot 2.0について 03.19.2020


SP + Gamedayがどのようにしてスーパーボウルで活躍することが出来たのか 02.14.2020

毎年2月のある日曜日のアメリカ、数あるスポーツのタイトルでも名誉のあるロンバルディトロフィーをめぐって2つのチームが力を競います。 2020年2月2日、カンザスシティのチーフスが49ersを破り、史上2回目のチャンピオンとなったのを60,000人を超えるファンが[...]

キプロスコネクション: SwissportとSpringshot、ヴィーナスが誕生した美しい島で 05.13.2019


Springshot’s New Interface wins honorable mention at the UX Awards 11.13.2018

For a number of us, smartphones are just a way of life. They’re how we check email, navigate directions or look up answers to life’s ever-important questions. However, some people prefer to only use their phones as one thing: a phone! That’s the case for many of the workers who are servicing the aircraft and [...]

The Aloha spirit is strong at OGG, Maui 10.19.2016

During the course of my life, there have been a handful of events and opportunities that have unexpectedly become profound teachable moments. One such time was my visit to the US Aviation team at OGG in Maui, Hawaii. How many times have I boarded a plane, squeezed my luggage into the overhead lockers, and settled [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Tyrone Duncan 09.14.2016

When Numbers Align: Tyrone Duncan is living life bu the numbers, and those numbers are creating a full and vibrant story. 3, 13, 17, 5, 19, 1500, 3, 26, 715, 1000, 8, 1. To a bystander, this may seem like an unsolvable cipher or a math teacher’s idea of a cruel joke, but to Tyrone [...]

When Cultures Align: Springshot voted top travel platform by Jetblue employees 08.16.2016

At Springshot, we are thrilled to partner with organizations who view their people as their most important asset. To those who have had the pleasure of flying on one their jets, it’s no secret that JetBlue is built on this very premise. Each day, this airline delivers the best possible customer experience by placing its crew members front [...]

How Springshot helps you engage every single employee 06.30.2016

Disrupter League E05: How Springshot Helps You Engage Every Single Employee

Mission: Validated! Springshot voted Plug & Play’s best travel & hospitality innovation platform 06.24.2016

At Springshot, we’ve always had a vision of combining the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley with the mission of focusing on what matters most: people. It’s been our primary goal to build a workforce optimization platform that genuinely engages and validates those performing some of the most arduous and backbreaking service jobs. Over the last five years, we’ve [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Luke Villamor 06.22.2016

Every day, thousands of people pass through McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether it’s going on vacation or visiting family, each person has a story to tell, and that is exactly why Luke Villamor enjoys working in the airport. As the Operations Manager for SAS Services, he sets up a game plan every single day to [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Arleny Perea-Nobles 06.07.2016

This soon-to-be mother of two is working to build a better life for her family, and she wakes up (early!) every morning with a renewed resolve to conquer it all. Often, our present lives don’t look the way they did in our minds when we were planting seeds and tending dreams – but there are times [...]

Avianca Uses Springshot to keep Bogota Flights Running on Time 04.16.2016

An aircraft is an airline’s greatest asset, and that asset generates revenue only when it’s in the air transporting passengers to their next destination. It’s no surprise that the goal of every airline team member – from gate agent to baggage handler – is to quickly prepare each aircraft for its next flight. With flight [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Michelle McWhirter 03.23.2016

Alaskan homesteading, eight children, and a career in aviation have prepared Michelle McWhiter for whatever adventure comes next. From the time her family moved to Alaska when she was three years old to the first time she flew a plane as a teen cadet to now, Michelle McWhirter has always had an adventurous, independent spirit. [...]

Springshotスポットライト: Caroline Garcia 03.01.2016

Tower Director at LaGuardia Airport, Caroline Garcia has a strong connection with her family and a vision for her future built on their hard work. Caroline’s story started many years before she was born when her mother, Teresa, landed at JFK in 1976. Teresa arrived expecting to meet her Aunt at the arrival gates. She [...]

Aviation Operations Streamlined Using Beacon Technology 02.16.2016

Every day, thousands of aircraft take off and land at over 41,000 airports, each of which must be unloaded, cleaned and prepped for the next departure. A single plane is serviced by dozens of airline employees who have approximately 45 minutes to ensure that the aircraft is ready and available for takeoff. Given the tight [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Geneve Salazar 02.14.2016

Product Integration Manager for Springshot, with an extensive background in aviation, Geneve Salazar learnt the value of hard work at a young age and now loves exploring her own heritage and new cultures. There are many things that Geneve loves about traveling; the feeling of discovering a new place, connecting with local culture and coming [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Mark Pantilon 11.13.2015

Mark Pantilon travels light. He knows his way around airports—every other week, he heads to SFO for work-related travel, zipping through security without hassle. And for years, he worked in Cabin Service for Air Serv in the very same airport. On the outside, Mark embodies professionalism. At 25, he was the youngest manager in charge [...]

Springshot Spotlight: Tranna Washington 11.03.2015

Product Integration Manager for Springshot and former aviation Cabin Crew and General Manager, Tranna Washington is focused on helping people take the first step into a new direction When she was just a teenager, Tranna Washington’s family moved from Cincinnati to Atlanta in search of better opportunities and a brighter future. But life has strange [...]

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